• Visitors can make audio and visual recordings, recordings of concerts and events can only be made with prior written consent.
  • Audio and visual recordings can be made of visitors which may be utilized for additional purposes.


  • Entrance is free of charge under 10 years of age while escorted by an adult with a ticket
  • Visitors between ages of 10 and 18 can enter with a valid ticket when escorted by an adult
  • Visitors over 18 years of age can attend events with a ticket
  • Music events can only be attended by visitors over eighteen years of age, including events that end after 10 pm

We assume no responsibility for belongings left in coats and baggage. We only accept responsibility for baggage and coats provided with a serial number, up to the value of 25.000 HUF. In the case of lost cloakroom tickets, coats and baggage my be reclaimed at the end of the event subsequent to identification and taking down records. The cloakroom cannot be held responsible for coats and baggage claimed by a third party.

Akvárium Klub is a dog-friendly venue and our doors are open for pets, providing them with fresh water every day.


If you lost your phone, keys, id card, etc., please contact us at the info@akvariumklub.hu e-mail address and our colleagues will do their best to assist you.

It’s highly important for us to reduce the burden we place on the environment through our operation, therefore we have decided to replace our single-use plastic cups with Repohár cups.

The re-cup system works as follows:

  • We charge a HUF 390 re-cup usage fee for your first drink purchase
  • Subsequently, you can replace your cup for a new drink in a clean cup at any of our bars and if you don’t wish to take the cup with you at the end of the evening, we will provide you with an Akvárium Klub token
  • Keep the token and bring it with you for your next visit, allowing you to redeem your re-cup free of charge

Re-cups cannot be redeemed for cash.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets can be purchased through the ticket office at Akvárium Klub or online.

Ticket office

CSÜTÖRTÖK, PÉNTEK: 16:00 – 20:00
SZOMBAT: 15:00 – 20:00

General ticket information

  •      Your ticket (or online voucher) will be redeemed at the entrance for a wristband.
  •      There’s no need to print your online voucher – it’s enough to present the QR code at the entrance.


Vouchers can be used to pay in person at the ticket office at Akvárium Klub. We accept bank cards, SZÉP Cards and Erzsébet vouchers.
Online you can pay with OTP Szép kártya.

Ticket helpdesk

If you need any help or have questions concerning online transactions, or you’re looking for some solution to issues arising during your purchase, please contact us at the jegy@akvariumklub.hu email address.

If you purchased tickets from our ticketing partner, please contact them first if any issues should arise.

Ticket types and specifications

Normal ticket

VIP ticket

Beverages and foodstuffs purchased outside Akvárium Klub cannot be brought into the premises of Akvárium Klub.

It is strictly forbidden to carry drugs, pyrotechnic devices, explosives, poisonous or inflammable materials or devices and instruments for creating graffiti, including spray paints or markers, as well as firearms, knives, butterfly knives, switchblades, pepper spray, clubs, telescoping batons, metal chains, throwing stars, sling-shots and other devices particularly dangerous to public safety.


Certain rooms of Akvárium Klub (Main Hall, Small Hall, VOLT Lokál) cannot be entered in coats or with an umbrella, which we kindly ask you to leave at the cloakroom.