Next Level – Halloween Ball // APASHE (Renaissance Live Tour), BADKLAAT (UK)

Doors: 23:00

Main Hall
Age limit: 18
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Next Level – Halloween Ball // APASHE (Renaissance Live Tour), BADKLAAT (UK)

Doors: 23:00

Main Hall
Age limit: 18

NEXT LEVEL proudly presents: 

APASHE (Renaissance Live Tour – CAN / BE),  BADKLAAT (Never Say Die – UK)

+ 7 local djs

Start: 23:00
Venue: Akvárium Klub
Age limit: 18+


APASHE Live (Kannibalen Rec.): https://soundcloud.com/apashe
BADKLAAT (Never Say Die Rec.): https://soundcloud.com/badklaat
DUBLIC (Next Level): https://soundcloud.com/dublicmusic
B’ANDRE (Next Level): https://soundcloud.com/bandre
SKRUDE (Next Level): https://soundcloud.com/skrude
NOSPHERE (Next Level):  https://soundcloud.com/nospheremusic
MYAMO (Next Level:) https://soundcloud.com/myamo
GEMCAMP (Next Level): https://soundcloud.com/gemcamp
SAMMIEBEATS (Next Level): https://soundcloud.com/sammiebeats

An APASHE Live set is an immersive experience, where he controls the whole stage: the music side as well as the whole scenography. The set is built around his ability to control the videos and lighting cues for him to tell the story he wrote for Renaissance: Live. The show has been designed, programmed and produced to bring life to his digital orchestra which he is the conductor. In the stage cock-pit, Apashe uses different controllers, drums and hardware synths to complement, merge and explore his different sounds. All of this was created to bring an immersive and synergically artistic experience to the viewer.

A real curiosity can be seen by everyone who visits the Akvarium Klub on October 30 where, in addition to APASHE, one of the most prominent figures in the English dubstep scene BADKLAAT, the Dublic twins, B’Andre, Skrude, Myamo, Nosphere, Gemcamp, and Sammiebeats will also appear.



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