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Online ticket purchase procedure:

During the technical steps described in the following 1-5 items, you will enter into a binding agreement with Akvárium Klub Kft., which is concluded through the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions and the fulfilment of the payment transaction.
The agreement to be concluded does not constitute a written contract and is not recorded by Akvárium Klub Kft. and will not be subsequently accessible. The language of the agreement is Hungarian.

Product selection

Click on the “Ticket purchase” button next to the product you wish to purchase
Select the amount
If that’s all you with to purchase, simply click on the “Add to cart and proceed to checkout” button
If you wish to continue shopping, click on the “Add to cart” button and repeat the process
You can move on to the payment stage at any time by clicking on the “Purchase” button found at the top of the page.

Step 1: Review your cart

You can review the selected products at this point in order to confirm that you chose all the products you needed
At the bottom of the page, we included a few useful tips on other products, which you can add to your cart at once
If everything is in order, simply click on the “Purchase” button to proceed

Step 2: Provide your information

E-mail address: Your e-mail address. It’s important to use a valid address, as the tickets and invoice will be sent to this address.

Buyer’s name: Your name.

Country: The country you’re making the purchase from

Postal code: Your postal code

City: The city you live in

Street name, house number: Street / square /etc. name and house number

Telephone number: Your mobile phone number

Date of birth: Your date of birth, in the following format: e.g. 1983-02-16

Billing information:

Request invoice to a different address: Click on the box and the system will treat the information provided below as your billing information.

If an invoice is requested for an individual, check “Person” under the Client type field. If you request a corporate invoice, check the “Company” box in the same field. As a private individual, there’s no need to complete the Tax number, EU tax number and Bank account fields!

I consent to Akvárium Klub Kft. using the information I provided for marketing communication purposes. You can read our data protection statement here. By clicking on the box, your e-mail address will be included in our newsletter database in order to notify you of any news related to the event.

Step 3 – Check your information, choose a method of payment

At this point, you can check the contents of your cart again, along with your customer and billing data. Then choose a method of payment.

Before making a purchase, carefully study our General Terms and Conditions and accept it if you agree with its contents! You consent to our General Terms and Conditions by clicking on the box. The purchase can only be completed after accepting the conditions.

Please keep in mind that if you’re benefitting from additional services (e.g. parking, insurance), you must accept the additional terms of conditions of said services.

Step 4 – Online payment

Enter your bank card details on the OTP payment interface.

Card number: The printed or embossed 13-19 digit number on the front of the card.

Expiration date: The printed or embossed month/year format number on the front of the card.

Card certification value: The last three digits of the number found on the back of the card {known as CVV2 or CVC2}. If your card has no such code, leave this field empty!

The following card types are accepted:

  • MasterCard (embossed)
  • Visa (embossed)
  • American Express (embossed, only issued by OTP)
  • Electron (non-embossed) In the case of such cards, the issuing bank determines whether the cards are suitable for online transactions of not. If the bank issuing your Electron card has authorized the online use of the card, you can use this card type to make payments. For more information, please contact the issuing bank.
  • Naturally, cards issued by OTP Bank are accepted.
  • Maestro All Maestro cards issued by various banks are accepted for payments processed through the OTP Bank online payment interface. A prerequisite for accepting the card is that the issuing bank of your card accept the use of Maestro cards for e-commerce purposes. Please contact your bank.
  • The OTP Purchase guide can be downloaded from here.
  • OTP, MKB and K&H SZÉP cards can only be used for purchases made in person at our on-site ticket office.

Step 5 – Dispatching tickets via email, redeeming tickets

Subsequent to the approval of the OTP payment, we issue an approval e-mail sent to your e-mail address:

“Email subject”: Festival Online Ticket Purchase – This e-mail contains the invoice of your purchase, and links for the tickets with PDF and PKPASS content

There are two options for redeeming your tickets for wristbands:

A. Print at home: (requires a printer):

Click on the link found in the letter to download, open and print your ticket. If you purchased multiple tickets, you can download them through separate links. Opening the file requires the Adobe Reader program, which you can download from here.

Bring your printed tickets with you to the event. The printed tickets will be redeemed at the entrance for wristbands.

B. Presenting a mobile ticket (requires a smartphone with Android or iOS running Google Wallet (Android) or Wallet / Pass Book (iOS) applications):

Download your .pkpass format ticket included as an attachment in the e-mail through the appropriate application on your phone (Google Wallet – Android or Wallet / Pass Book – iOS). Bring your smartphone with you to the event. We will redeem your ticket for a wristband by presenting the QR code in the application. (In the case of mobile tickets, there is no need to print the ticket and bring it with you to the event.)


Should you encounter any difficulties during the online purchase process, please go over the following list to see if they provide a solution.

I didn’t get an e-mail from You! Where is my ticket?

The link will arrive no later than 24 hours, yet if you still haven’t received an e-mail from us by then, please go through the following steps:

Check your SPAM folder in the your e-mail client to see if the e-mail is there!
Perhaps you provided your e-mail address incorrectly. In this case, please contact us at the jegy@akvariumklub.hu e-mail address!

Why can’t I see the full webshop page / why doesn’t it work?

Please make sure you’re using a browser that adheres to the following requirements:

Internet Explorer 10 or better
Mozilla Firefox: 25 or better
Chrome: 31 or better
Safari: 6 or better

Unfortunately, the ticket purchase interface doesn’t always work on Windows XP platforms, so we recommend using the latest versions of Windows or other operating systems.

I couldn’t complete my online payment. What’s wrong?

If your online payment was unsuccessful, please make sure your credit card is suitable for online payments or transactions. The payment will not be processed if the card is banned or invalid.

Perhaps you should try the following:

  • Go through the payment process from the beginning again and make sure you enter the correct information!
  • If you still can’t complete your payment after multiple attempts, please contact the customer service of your issuing bank. Forward the 32-digit long transaction-ID included in the webshop’s error message to customer service so they could assist you. The most frequent credit cards issues include:
  • your credit card isn’t suitable for purchases made through our webshop. Accepted cards are listed here.
  • there are insufficient funds on the card
  • the credit card has a safety limit

Ticket Helpdesk

If you need any assistance, have any questions related to the online transaction or if you’re looking for solutions to issues experienced during the purchase, please contact your colleagues through the following contacts:

E-mail: jegy@akvariumklub.hu

Mail address: Akvárium Klub Kft., 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 12. Magyarország
Online webshop services are provided by Akvárium Klub Kft., 1051 Budapest, Erzsébet tér 12.

Online Ticket Purchase Information

During the online ticket purchase process, you will be redirected to the OTP Bank payment interface where you can pay for the selected tickets.

or more information on online transactions, please refer to our Purchase information found here.
The following credit card types are accepted for online ticket purchases: