Akvárium New Year’s Party 2022 // Las Vegas Edition w/ NECC PARTY

Doors: 21:00

Akvárium Klub
Age limit: 18
Ticket types

Akvárium New Year’s Party 2022 // Las Vegas Edition w/ NECC PARTY

Doors: 21:00

Akvárium Klub
Age limit: 18

This year, we’re bringing Las Vegas to Akvárium Klub for New Years!

& real musical time travel in 3 rooms! 

Tickets go on sale: 4.00 pm on 18 November

// Main Hall – Casino room //
This year, the decorations will transport you to the city of casinos, while Necc Party will offer a selection of the most awkward hits from the 90’s and 00’s. Bid farewell to the old year in top form!

// Small Hall – Bellagio Room //
When it comes to Las Vegas, you need a Hotel parade. This year, our Small Hall will be transformed in this spirit, with golden era pop, rock and hip-hop hits. You are sure to know all the tracks! As far as Bellagio is concerned: don’t be surprised to catch the characters from the Ocean’s films popping up…
w/DJ Tinder & Loripop

// VOLT Lokál – Vegas Chapel //
Las Vegas is unimaginable without a wedding chapel. We’re open to all our guests from 9:00 to 11:00 pm who want to say their vows before the end of the year! 

We’ll provide the rings and the marriage certificate 😉 

All of this will be accompanied by the iconic hits of the 00’s (until the early morning hours) in the starry sky of the VOLT Lokál. 
w/Gango & Mandycan

It’s worth arriving on time as the bistro of Akvárium Klub won’t be closed either. You’ll have a chance to play with pinball machines, roulette and win amazing gift packages.

And one more thing, since we’re in Vegas: guests arriving in Elvis Presley outfits will be treated to a glass of champagne 😉 

Viva Las’ Akvárium! Happy 2022!

Early Bird: HUF 7,900
Advance tickets 1: HUF 8,900
Advance tickets 2: HUF 9,900
Normal tickets: HUF 12,000

VIP advance tickets: HUF 15,000
VIP normal tickets: HUF 20,000

VIP tickets include a glass of champagne and unlimited finger food in the VIP booth from 9.00 pm to midnight

VIP Finger Menu from 9.00 pm:
BBQ chicken tidbits wrapped in bacon
Spicy meatballs with parmesan cream
Sun-dried tomato tapenade with lemon shrimp
Eggplant cream baskets
Chocolate éclairs

VIP extras:
– comfortable sofas
– extra views of the Main Hall stage
– separate washroom
– separate bar
– VIP cloakroom next to the VIP entrance (free of charge)

Age limit: 18+
Table reservations:


How can you participate in the events at Akvárium Klub in accordance with the current epidemiological measures?

Pursuant to governmental decree, music and dance events can only be attended by guests with an immunity certificate.

Admission is possible in one of the following ways:
-By presenting a valid immunity certificate + valid identity card or passport
-By presenting an immunity certificate through the EESZT mobile phone application + valid identity card or passport

In accordance with the law, we cannot accept any other (paper-based) certifications or negative PCR test results (including immunization certificates and medical documents).

We wish to inform our visitors that we have no influence over the legislation, yet we are required to observe it.
We kindly ask you to only purchase admission tickets if you will be in possession of the above-listed documents upon arrival to the event. In lack of said documents or the expiry of the necessary documents/certifications, the organizer shall prevent you from entering the premises of the event and will exclude the possibility of refunding any tickets, products or services.

More information on the immunity certificate is available through the following link:

Can foreign guests with an immunity certificate attend the events of Akvárium Klub?

Pursuant to the relevant legislation, music and dance events can be attended by foreign citizens with valid immunity certificates issued by the listed countries. Pursuant to Section 19/A of Government decree no. 408/2020 (VIII. 30) on the travel restrictions during the period of state of epidemiological preparedness, the list of countries issuing immunity certificates recognized by Hungary as well as their samples are listed under the link below. In accordance with the regulations, we cannot accept PCR test results.

Certificates are accepted with a valid identity card or passport issued by the country in question.

As of 1 July 2021, in the case of non-Hungarian citizens or Hungarian citizens with no permanent residence, we can accept EU Digital Covid Certificates of immunization or exposure.


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