Heineken and Sun & Soda pres.: GusGus

Doors: 13:00

Age limit: 18
Ticket types

Heineken and Sun & Soda pres.: GusGus

Doors: 13:00

Age limit: 18

Heineken and Sun & Soda present: GusGus

The Sun & Soda day-time party series returns this summer, conjuring up the atmosphere of seaside beaches and tropical parties in the heart of the city center. The Terrace of Akvárium Klub will serve as the venue of the series, which will be transformed into a real oasis for the duration of the event, including artificial grass surfaces, quaint sunscreens, miniature pools, extra decorative elements and must-have comfortable deckchairs.

Start: 13.00
End: 22.00


  1. 1. 3000 Ft ( enforceable till 15.00)
  2. 2. 4000 Ft (enforceable till 15.00)


  1. 1. 4000 Ft (enforceable till 17.00)
  2. 2. 5000 Ft (enforceable till 17.00)


  1. 1. 5000 Ft (enforceable without time limit)
  2. 2. 6000 Ft (enforceable without time limit)


  1. 1. 8000Ft (enforceable without time limit)

Ticket on site

  • 7000 Ft

Tickets are allowed for one-time entry except for VIP!

VIP tickets include:
– good view of the stage from the VIP section
– separated bar
– separated toilets
– comfy seats
– welcome drink 

VIP table reservation:

RE-CUP and Sun & Soda Official parties

Say goodbye to littering and plastic waste! Let’s take a step toward environmental consciousness TOGETHER! ❤️🌎

From now on your drinks will be served in a re-cup at the Sun & Soda parties. 😉
The cup costs 390 HUF.
This is how it works: buy your first cup, enjoy your drink, once you’re done, take it back to the bar and ask for a new one (we’ll wash the other one). In case you don’t want to have another drink or have your cup with you the whole night, just ask for a token, you can use it to get a new cup later.
After the party, you are welcome to take your dedicated Sun & Soda cups home or you can exchange them for a token, which you can use to get a new cup at the next Sun & Soda event.

Let’s live and party in an environmentally conscious way! 🌴🌞

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Location: Akvárium Klub TERASZ
Address: Budapest, V. kerület, Erzsébet tér 12
Door opening: 13:00, start: 13:00, end: 22:00

Age limit: 18+
The organizers reserve the right to arrange admission to the event!
Upon purchasing an admission ticket, the ticket-holder acknowledges the policy of the event and its enforcement by the organizers!

Pets: Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event, pets are not allowed within the premises!
Thank you for your understanding!



The Terrace of Akvárium Klub is one of the most popular meeting places of Budapest, where everyone is sure to show up. Making good use of the location, the Terrace is still the most popular downtown promotional site. The crowds in Erzsébet square can enjoy a range of events appropriate to the season on Akvárium Klub’s Terrace, including thematic sports, music, literature, dining and design fair attractions. These events are a great opportunity for the targeted exposure of brands.



Easily accessible

Smoking is allowed in designated open-air spaces

Cocktail bar

Parking lot

Bicycle parking rack in public space

Dog-friendly venue

Free Wifi

Bank card / SZÉP card / Erzsébet voucher service establishment

Ticket types